P-2 Visa

P-2 Individual Performer or Part of a Group Entering to Perform Under a Reciprocal Exchange Program

  1. Definition
  2. Criteria
  3. Applying for Visa
  4. Duration of Visa
  5. Family Members of P-2


1. Definition

The P-2 classification applies to individuals who are coming temporarily to perform as an artist or entertainer, individually or as part of a group, as part of a reciprocal exchange program between an organization in the United States and an organization in another country.


2. Criteria

To qualify for this visa you must:

  • Be an artist
  • Entering through a government recognized reciprocal exchange program.
  • Possess skills comparable to those of the United States artists and entertainers taking part in the program outside the United States.


3. Applying for Visa

Interview: As part of the visa application process, an interview at the embassy consular section is required for visa applicants from age 14 through 79. Early visa application is strongly encouraged due to varying waiting times for appointments.

Each applicant for a visitor visa must submit the following forms and documentation:

  • Online Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application, Form DS-160.
  • A passport valid for travel to the U.S. with a validity date of at least six months beyond the applicant’s intended period of stay in the U.S.
  • One (1) 2×2 photograph.

A sponsoring labor organization in the United States or your U.S. employer must file Form I-129, Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker.

The Form I-129 must include the following documents:

Written consultation by an appropriate labor organization;

  • Copy of the formal reciprocal exchange agreement between the sponsoring U.S. organization(s) and the organization(s) in a foreign country which will receive the United States artist or entertainer;
  • Statement from the sponsoring organization describing the reciprocal exchange of United States artists or entertainers as it relates to the specific petition for which classification is sought;
  • Evidence that you and the U.S. artist or entertainer subject to the reciprocal exchange agreement are artists with comparable skills and that the terms and conditions of employment are similar; and
  • Evidence that an appropriate labor organization in the United States was involved in negotiating, or has concurred with, the reciprocal exchange of U.S. and foreign artists or entertainers.


4. Duration of Visa

  • The time needed to complete the event, competition or performance, may not exceed 1 year.
  • Extension in increments of up to 1 year in order to continue or complete the event, competition or performance may be given.


5. Family Members of P-2

Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 may obtain P-4 status. Dependents may not engage in employment, but may attend school or college.


6. For More Information on P-2 Visas

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