Before Serotte, Reich & Wilson, LLP (“SRW”) can file a labor certification application on behalf of your foreign employee via the Permanent Labor Certification Online System (PERM), we will need you to register your company with the system at their website — — and create a sub-account for us as your attorney.  The following are detailed instructions for doing so:



1. Go to;

2. Click “Register” in the middle of the page;

3. On the next page, click “Setup Employer Profile;”

4.Click “Accept” to accept the registration terms and conditions.  Once you do so, the “Welcome New Employer” page is displayed.  On this page, you can enter your user profile information, business identification information, and employer contact information.  If you need assistance in determining your NAICS code, please feel free to contact us;


NOTE:  Your Username must be 8-15 characters long.  The Username cannot contain special characters such as %, @, #, etc.

5. After filling in all necessary information, click “Submit.”.  A page is displayed confirming that you have registered with the PERM Online System;

6. At this point, your business information is screened for verification.  If verified, you will be sent an email containing your username and temporary password;

7. Use your temporary password to login to the PERM system, and you will then be asked to change your password [The Password must contain at least one special character and at least one number (0-9)];

NOTE:  For additional security, you will be prompted to change your password every 90 days.

8. After changing your password, a second email will be sent to you containing your unique 4-digit PIN which is needed to submit PERM cases via the online system.

NOTE:  If your business information is not initially verified, the employer contact will be sent an email asking him or her to send proof of business entity (e.g., articles of incorporation, business license, etc.) and proof of physical location (e.g., utility bill, tax record, etc.) to the appropriate national processing center.  Please notify our office if your business information is not initially verified.



9. From any page on the PERM system, select the “User Accounts” tab;

10. Select “Add New User” and the User Information edit page is displayed;

11. In the User Information section, type in the following for SRW:


Andrew M. Wilson

Serotte, Reich & Wilson, LLP

300 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, NY  14202

716-854-7525 – Phone

716-854-0294 – Fax

Sub-account User Type – Lawyer

Username – Serottereich

Security Access – Edit Applications, Add/Reuse Applications, Withdraw Applications

12. Click “Save” to complete the sub-account creation;

13. After creation of the sub-account, our office will receive an email with our username, temporary password, and your PIN – allowing us to begin the application process.


If you have any questions regarding these instructions and/or experience any problems, please contact our office.  Thank you.