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Investing in Employment-Based 5 Immigrant Visa Classification

9/30/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

Many foreign nationals are attracted to the EB-5 Immigrant Visa category as a streamlined classification to qualify for an immigrant visa because it leads to permanent resident status without first requiring a qualifying relative and/or adherence with strict employment-based preference categories.  Additionally, it rarely requires that the foreign national be subject to a priority-date backlog […]Read More >

Fraud/Misrepresentation Charge of Inadmissibility under INA §212(a)(6)(c)

6/18/2012 Written by SRW Lawyers

Last week, after over a year and a half of advocating with CBP officials, our office received official confirmation that we were successfully able to vacate a charge of inadmissibility under INA §212(a)(6)(c) (Fraud/Misrepresentation) for our client, a Canadian citizen, who had been issued a Expedited Order of Removal in 2010.  For additional information, please […]Read More >