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Q&A on H-1B CAP Numbers

12/29/2009 Written by Brian D. Zuccaro

CIS recently released Q&A information with respect to the recently hit H-1B cap. The Q&A information touches upon the numbers set aside for Singapore and Chile and the number of overall H-1B petitions received for processing. The Q&A was posted on AILA Infonet on 12/29/09 and is cited as AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 09122961: Question […]Read More >

Unannounced FDNS Site Visits

12/16/2009 Written by Brian D. Zuccaro

The government is changing its enforcement tactics and placing a greater emphasis on employers in the fight against unauthorized employment. While worksite raids targeting employees are down, audits and worksite visits targeting employers are up.   In July 2009, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) notified 652 businesses that their records will be audited.   In […]Read More >