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E-2 Investor Visa Eligibility for Israeli Nationals Almost a Reality

9/29/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

It has been more than two years since President Obama signed legislation that would add Israel to the list of E-2 investor eligible counties.  The actual implementation of adding Israel to that list, and in turn Israeli nationals being able to apply for E-2 visas, has been delayed until a reciprocity agreement was finalized and […]Read More >

E-2 Visas Approved for Five (5) Years @ U.S. Consulate in Rome for Brother/Sister Investment in Pizzeria

8/6/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

Our clients, a brother and sister, both Italian citizens, recently purchased an existing business (pizzeria) in the U.S.  as their investment for their E-2 visa applications.  The brother and sister each contributed less than $20,000 cash from their personal funds in Italy towards the purchase price, as well as signed a promissory note for less […]Read More >

E-Visa Processing Now at U.S. Consulate in Calgary

3/14/2013 Written by SRW Lawyers

The Calgary Consulate General has announced E-visa processing services for Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor applications from businesses in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. The process is intended to make it easier and faster for executives, supervisors and skilled employees of the region to enter the U.S. for trade and investment activities.  The announcement indicates […]Read More >

Faster and Cheaper E-Visa Processing at U.S. Consulate in Toronto

4/24/2012 Written by SRW Lawyers

The U.S. Consulate General Toronto announced that as of April 13, 2012, processing fees for E-visas (treaty traders and treaty investors) have been reduced from US$390 to US$270. Also the E-visa application and interview process has been streamlined in order to provide greater convenience and efficiency for E visa applicants, thereby encouraging trade and investment. […]Read More >

Investor Visa With Israel?

3/14/2012 Written by SRW Lawyers

The investor or “E-2” visa is available for foreign nationals who want to start-up or buy a U.S. business. It gives the investor the right to live and work in the U.S. directing his business. The spouse of the investor can apply for his/her own employment authorization. The E-2 visa is only available to nationals […]Read More >