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SRW Successful in Helping LPR Retain Status after Prolonged Absence from U.S.

5/15/2017 Written by SRW Lawyers

  Our client, an Indian citizen and lawful permanent resident of the U.S., recently came to us with the following facts: She had abruptly left the U.S. about 4.5 years ago and had not entered the U.S. since that time.  She had a lawful permanent resident husband who was in possession of a valid re-entry […]Read More >

SRW Successful In Obtaining U.S. Passport After Satisfying Strict Requirements of INA §309(a)(3)

5/24/2016 Written by SRW Lawyers

A U.S. Citizen father approached us a few months ago after having his 18 year old biological son’s U.S. passport application denied by a U.S. Consulate overseas under INA §309 [Children Born out of Wedlock].   While the Consulate found most of the statutory requirements had been satisfied (DNA results confirming a biological relationship, proof of […]Read More >

Expedited Naturalization Under INA §319(b)

8/12/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

Last week, I had the privilege of watching my client, a Thai national, become a U.S. citizen. She was administratively sworn in at the USCIS Buffalo Office by the Field Director after being approved for expedited naturalization under INA §319(b). She walked into the USCIS Buffalo Office as a conditional lawful permanent resident and about […]Read More >

TN Visa approval for Management Consultant for 3 years

1/29/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

For more information on the client’s case, please refer to Brian Zuccaro’s blog posting.Read More >

TN Visa to Green Card Approval – Marriage to U.S. Citizen

12/17/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

Recently, one of our clients – Canadian citizen in the U.S. on a TN visa – was approved for a Green Card after marriage to a U.S. citizen. For more information about the case, visit Brian Zuccaro’s blog, available here.Read More >