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Controversial “Pre-Clearance Act” Expands Power of American Border Guards on Canadian Soil

3/29/2018 Written by SRW Lawyers

A controversial Canadian bill that expands the powers of U.S. border officers working in pre-clearance zones on Canadian soil was recently given Royal Assent and is set to become law. Championed by Canada’s centrist Liberal Party, Bill C-23—commonly referred to as the Pre-Clearance Act—has been criticized as overly broad, with the potential to open the […]Read More >

New CBP “Appeals” Process for TN Visa Denials

2/26/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

According to a recent meeting held between the Upstate NY AILA chapter and the Buffalo, NY Peace Bridge CBP office, CBP has instituted a new “appeals” process for denied / withdrawn applications. For more information, please visit  Brian Zuccaro’s TN Visa blog.Read More >

Update on CBP Admission of Mexican TN Visa Workers

2/6/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

For updated information on the admission of Mexican TN workers, please visit Brian Zuccaro’s blog.Read More >

Options to Change Status to TN Visa When Spouse Not Canadian Citizen

1/30/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

Question: I am a Canadian citizen currently in the U.S. under F-1 status. My spouse is on F-2, but is not a Canadian citizen. What are my options to apply for a TN, and how would my spouse obtain TD status? For more information, please refer to Brian Zuccaro’s TN Visa blog.Read More >

CBP Still Denying Software Engineer TNs if No Engineering Degree

1/30/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

CBP, specifically the Toronto Pre-Flight Inspection office, is still denying TN visa applications filed for Software Engineering positions, if the applicant does not possess an Engineering degree. For more information, please refer to Brian Zuccaro’s TN Visa blog.Read More >