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Government Seeks Input on Modernizing Immigration System

1/12/2015 Written by SRW Lawyers

On November 21, 2014, the President issued a memorandum directing the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security to streamline and improve the U.S. immigration system. Efforts should focus on reducing government costs, improving services for applicants, reducing burdens on employers, and combating waste, fraud, and abuse in the system, while safeguarding the interests of American […]Read More >

All Eyes on Immigration Relief

2/22/2013 Written by William Z. Reich

Jockeying for posture, Congress and the President are attempting to promote their immigration agenda. The President is saying if Congress does not act, he has a proposal that he will push forward. ┬áThe framework of any agreement is likely to include a pathway for illegal residents to become legalized, calls for heightened border security, and […]Read More >

Article on Proposed Law Changing H-1B Visa Cap

2/13/2013 Written by SRW Lawyers

Roy Maurer, Online Discipline Manager/Editor, SHRM, recently wrote an excellent article about the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013 entitled “Senate Bill Calls for Market-Based H-1B Cap”. Roy writes about some pros and cons regarding this first step towards immigration reform. SRW attorney, Andrew Wilson, was quoted in this article: There is much to like about […]Read More >

President Obama Suggests Legal Path for Long Term Illegal Residents

11/15/2012 Written by SRW Lawyers

During a press conference on November 14th, 2012 President Obama stated that he is inclined to help individuals who are present in the U.S. without authorization obtain legal status provided they are not engaged in criminal activity, have paid their taxes, learn English, and pay a fine.Read More >

Senate Bill Would Allow Students with STEM Degrees to Obtain Green Card

5/18/2012 Written by SRW Lawyers

The Senate has recently introduced a proposed law called the SMART Jobs Act (S. 3192), which would create a new F-4 visa classification for individuals pursuing Masters and PhD programs in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Individuals under an F-4 visa would be eligible for 1-year of employment authorization following completion of their […]Read More >