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E-2 Visas Approved for Five (5) Years @ U.S. Consulate in Rome for Brother/Sister Investment in Pizzeria

8/6/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

Our clients, a brother and sister, both Italian citizens, recently purchased an existing business (pizzeria) in the U.S.  as their investment for their E-2 visa applications.  The brother and sister each contributed less than $20,000 cash from their personal funds in Italy towards the purchase price, as well as signed a promissory note for less […]Read More >

SRW Border Lawyers Obtain I-601 Approval, without RFE, for Mexican National

2/13/2014 Written by SRW Lawyers

SRW Border Blog’s most recent Success Story is a prime example of how SRW Lawyers take great care in planning out a client’s case strategy to help them achieve their U.S. immigration goals. This Success Story highlights how SRW Lawyers helped our client navigate through Immigration Court, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services and the Dept. of […]Read More >

I-129F Fiancé Petition Approved in 48 Days by USCIS

10/24/2013 Written by Nisha Fontaine

Recently, a young couple approached us and expressed their desire to marry each other and eventually relocate to the United States to begin their life together (at the time, the couple resided abroad together). Based on their intent to have a formal wedding ceremony in the U.S. and given their proposed timelines, we recommended that […]Read More >

Navigating through USCIS, EOIR, ICE for a Successful Conclusion

9/11/2013 Written by SRW Lawyers

A few months ago, a colleague of ours referred a case to us – a fairly complicated case involving Form I-751 with a waiver of the joint filing requirement, as well as removal proceedings, and which had already involved four immigration attorneys who were unable to successfully resolve the matter. When our client was referred […]Read More >

SRW Border Lawyers Successfully Vacate Lifetime Bar for Fraud for National of Iran

7/1/2013 Written by SRW Lawyers More >