Reentry Permits and Expedited Biometrics Request

May 5th, 2010 by Brian D. Zuccaro

It is much more difficult now to obtain an expedited biometrics request for reentry permit applicants.

Prior to the implementation of the lockbox in December 2009, applicants could request an expedited biometrics appointment. Our office was successful in doing this for several clienst and obtaining biometrics appointments in a matter of days.

Now, under new filing procedures, once the I-131 is forwarded by the NSC to the lockbox, it takes up to 3 weeks to receive a receipt notice, and then the application is sent back to NSC to process the “expedite request”.

Although new expedite procedures have not been officially established. in a recent NSC teleconference, it was suggested that an expedite request be made, with a follow-up email to: requesting that the application be sent to the NSC to process the expedite request, and a subsequent fax to NSC.

If the applicant leaves the U.S. once the I-131 is filed, a request may be made to reschedule the biometrics as long as the biometrics are completed within 120 days of filing the application.

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