The Public Benefits: Two Prestigious Ranking Services Say Several Members of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers Are Top Global Mobility Attorneys

March 24th, 2017 by SRW Lawyers

Two of the leading peer-reviewed journals confirmed last week that members of ABIL, the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, garnered the lion’s share of top immigration lawyer rankings, and are head and shoulders above virtually all their peers in the global mobility bar. These affirmations of quality help potential and current clients readily recognize exceptionally well-qualified representation in the complex field of U.S. immigration and global mobility law.


“Whatever guidance the regulations [have] furnished to those [immigration] cognoscenti familiar with procedures, this court . . . finds that [immigration rules] yield up meaning only grudgingly and that morsels of comprehension must be pried from mollusks of jargon,” one federal circuit court has observed.

At a time when America’s broken immigration system remains difficult and controversial, two of the most prestigious peer-review journals recently announced their annual ratings of the world’s best immigration lawyers. These rating services agree that one group of attorneys stands among the very best. Attorneys in the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, better known as ABIL, have received far more than the lion’s share of the top rankings — surpassing even the world’s largest immigration specialty firms.

Here are the findings of two of the most respected rating services, based on interviews by their investigative reporters who canvassed clients, in-house legal counsel, human resource professionals, and experienced immigration lawyers:

  •     Who’s Who Legal includes ABIL members as the top eight “U.S. Thought Leaders” and top nine “Europe Thought Leaders” in immigration and global mobility law.
  •     Chambers Global names 14 ABIL members and 16 ABIL firms among their select immigration-law practitioners.

“The challenges of guiding corporate and individual clients through the U.S.’s broken immigration system are greater than ever. With the latest Chambers Global and Who’s Who Legal peer rankings of top attorneys, at least the task of identifying extraordinarily talented immigration lawyers has been greatly simplified,” said Cornell Law Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr, an ABIL member from its inception.

“When two preeminent legal publications offering peer-reviewed evaluations of the top immigration and global mobility lawyers conclude that members of the elite global Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers predominate as the best in the rankings, businesses and families needing immigration and global mobility services reap the benefits,” said Angelo Paparelli, ABIL’s founder and past president.

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